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Developing Applications made to measure

We build and develop various web applications and offline applications.

We translate the request and need of the customer into a functional application. Analysing, set-up and description of functional specifications of each information function to be automated. Management and maintenance of the specifications. Analysing, defining and specifying the data about object within their connection. Online possibilities and applications (web application) The possibilities on the internet are innumerable – every day, new developments and applications become available on the market. As we are constantly working on amelioration and innovation ourselves, we are pleased to help you in developing your own elaborated web applications.

Possibilities such as:

  • Intranet environments
  • My Consultation, developed especially for the medical sector and liberal professions, no more overcrowded waiting rooms or impatient patients More information - Demonstrationmovie
  • My Reporter intra communication within your company and especially with your customers, no mail will get lost anymore, all communication is registered, offering plenty of possibilities
  • My Reporter storage, using this application, there will be no more representative on the road forgetting about his brochures, catalogue etc … everywhere he is, he has all he needs close at hand to explain the customer about your product
  • My Reporter building, an application especially for the building sector, very user-friendly, no studies or training, in just a quarter of an hour time you will be able to make yourself invoices, offers, stock lists, send documents to clients and architects, set up your communication, and at a single glance you send one message only to ask all of your suppliers the correct price.
  • My Mailer, an application put at disposal for our customers, but for you as well in case you’re interested, mailing possibilities for actions directed to a thousand addresses, draw up newsletters, editing brochures and send them, sms mailings etc.
  • Large database managed product range
  • Mobile web applications: Websites for mobile telephones & PDA’s
  • Website management system (CMS, or Content Management system) (This system allows you to maintain your website yourself in a most easy way)
  • Webshop (webshop application) – with broad e-commerce
  • Etc....

*And lots of other possibilities made to measure – contact us