SEO optimiser

Websitebuilder looks after the optimisation of your search engine marketing campaigns.

The goal of optimisation is to get your website to the top of the search engines. It is very important to get to know the search engine. The most commonly used and also the most honest search engine is Google. Therefore we base ourselves on this (fantastic) search engine. We know from experience that the rest of the search engines follow suit.

Contents and design

An absolute basic condition for making your website a high flyer in the search results is that it is created according to the rules of good craftsmanship. This means:

  • A web site with a strong and solid content, easy to navigate via a clear structure and judicious text links.
  • Easy to use, and useful, a web site where a visitor can relate to something.
  • Clearly legible
  • In clear and error-free language
  • Honestly drawn up with the user as the main objective
  • No tricks and cunning methods for gaining a higher position in the search results.

Only these sites deserve to be optimised, Web sites that do not meet these conditions in terms of design and content should be re-designed and redrawn. We can do this for you if you wish.

What we will not to take part in are racist sites, offensive pornography, illegal content and gambling.

1. Online optimisation 

This is what we do for you. It means that by optimal "tuning" of your web site we can ensure that all conditions are met in order to achieve a higher score. Take notice of what we are saying: we will make your web site ready to win the race. Whether this race is actually won depends on many factors, including the competition, but in particular on the owner in the first place. Optimisation is therefore not an exact science; we cannot guarantee that you will be number 1 in a few months. We give you only the best opportunities and good conditions.

Case 1: your website does not meet the rules of good craftsmanship

We will send you a free but concise opinion to your email address on why your web site does not comply. With this advice you can get started, or better, your designer can. YOU can also decide to fully trust your site to us so that we can do a re-design including a full optimisation. Get your free quote here.

Case 2: your website broadly complies with the rules of good workmanship, but does not appear in the search results.

Your web site in other words has potential, but the condition and the fine tuning are not present. Our price includes 3 essential components:

  1. Diagnosis (1/3) Remedy (1/3) Result (1/3). The Diagnosis (1/3 of the price) is a detailed report with all defects listed. This will allow your designer to get started. YOU can then stop having paid only 1/3 of the price.
  2. A detailed diagnosis and a remedy to measure (2/3 of the price): With this, we will not only tell you what is wrong, but also what you should do, in a very specific way, to put the matter right, what keywords you should use, how you should adjust your texts, etc. If your website in a period of 3 to 9 months after the adjustments does not see results, you will pay nothing else.
  3. The result (1/3 of the price): if you, in the period from 3 to 9 months after the adjustments to your main keywords (keywords we discuss together), are within the first 30 results on Google, only then will you pay the last part. If this result is not achieved, you pay nothing else.

So what is the price then? This is very difficult to predict because we carry out customised work. Much depends on the size of the site, the industry in which you are working, the competition within the industry, and so much more. Know, however, that you may already have a diagnostic report from 250 euro. Get your free quote here.

Case 3: your web site fully complies with the rules of good craftsmanship, and is already high in the search results.

Triple congratulations! You don't really need us. But you will receive our 10 golden tips made to measure, free of charge that will perhaps improve your results just that little bit more, and make your visitor just a bit happier. 





2. Off-line optimisation 

Apart from the substantive and technical interventions, you can do a lot to promote your website at the very highest levels. By far the most important way to do this is to improve your link popularity ("page rank" such as Google calls it). The more other web sites link to you, the more popular your website is to Google, the higher you are on stage. We will give you some golden, but very practical, tips for free.

3. Usability

We can also create a usability report. You can what usability means read here. Usability goes hand in hand with the design, content and optimisation.

Do ask, without obligation, for more information and customised quote.